on Saturday August 4, 2012

Peter Solmes and Linda hosted
another entertaining afternoon of words and music

at the Buy viagra online cheap uk


The lineup of performers looked like this:

Featured Poet & Singer / Songwriter:
Max Layton
Featured Vocalist:
Darlene Collison
Guest Musician:
Canada drug pharmacy viagra
Guest Poet:
Nik Beat
Guest Poet:
Cheap generic cialis canadian pharmacy
Guest Writer / Poet:
Diz Altschul


Here's a look at the afternoon's enjoyable entertainment
(click on thumbnails for larger images)

Peter Solmes


Peter Starts

Darlene Collison

Early Arrivals


Khairul & Peter

Diz Altschul

Max & Linda


Darlene & Ariel

Linda & Peter

More Arrivals

Diz & John

Diz Delights

Mike Adjustment

Darlene's Ready

Darryl On Drums

Max Layton

More Max

Attentive Audience

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Sharon & Eamonn

Michael Laderoute