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Linda's first book:
Reflections From A Dusty Mirror
was published in February 1983.

She proceeded with indecorous haste
to publish her second collection
What Do You Feed a Unicorn?

Yesterday's Poetry
released in September of 1984.

It Was True at the Time
in October 1988.


Insights and Outlooks
was published
in November 1991.


Uncritical Mass in Consort
was a combined effort
released in November 1991.


Another solo collection
Adjust Your Set
was released in 1997.


In collaboration with a former performing partner
Bliss Pig and Other Poems
was brought forth in 1999.


Linda's book
Passionate Intensity
was released in April 2003.


Released on November 1, 2004
a collaborative effort
between Joe Fromstein   & Linda
a new collection of poems called LOVEPLAY

Linda's book
the fretters of i

was introduced on September 20, 2009
pictures and video of the afternoon are here


Linda's next book
With a Will

was released on December 10, 2011
pictures of the afternoon can be seen here


Linda's latest book
Acting My Age

was released in April 2013
pictures of the afternoon can be seen here

Linda's ebookTalking To Myself
is now available on Amazon.ca
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This is how it is
was released in 2019
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Eddies in the Stream
is Linda's "Swan Song"
published in the fall of 2020 after her death on May 27, 2020

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Insights and Outlooks
, Adjust Your Set and Bliss Pig can be purchased by contacting Linda

Passionate Intensity can be obtained from: Seraphim Editions
as well as online at: The League of Canadian Poets BookStore


Linda's New CD
"Can You Hear Me Now?"

was produced by


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