"the fretters of i"

was launched with a warm reception
on Sunday September 20th, 2009
at the Windmill Restaurant


Linda shared the afternoon with guest performers:

Peter Solmes... Balladeer
Jeff Burke... on the bassoon
Darlene Collison... singing some songs
Rolland Proulx... reading from his book "The Electric Oracle Speaks"


Here are some pictures from the event
(click on thumbnails for larger images)

Windmill hosts the afternoon

"the fretters of i" is introduced

Outside looking in

Linda & Osama

Starting to fill up

Peter sets up

Peter does sound check

Osama & Linda survey the scene

Linda and Jean chat

Linda signs a book for Pam

Rolland & Linda share a laugh

Almost a full house

Peter gets ready to play

Peter the Balladeer

Snapping fingers to the beat

Linda reads

Sharing poetry

Attentive audience

Pondering Poetry

Linda reads to a full house


Linda reads more

Linda & Rolland

Rolland reads

More from Rolland

Standing room only

Enjoying the afternoon

Darlene gets ready

Darlene takes the stage

Darlene at the mike

Darlene sings

Another song

Darlene sings & plays

Darlene & her daughter

Leah joins Darlene

Linda listens

Jeff plugs in the bassoon

Jeff blows some notes

Peter takes in the sound

Jeff entertains

Peter's turn again

Peter entertains

Linda's at bat again

Linda & Joe read from Loveplay

Jeff mingles

Shot from outside

Linda & Sophia

Richard, Linda & Paula Shear

Taking care of business




Linda reads "On Parenting a Poem"