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The Sophisticates

We nursed our illusion of love,
for its death was too tasteless to mention,
and cultured our mutual scorn
for suburban and civic convention.
We were two of the beautiful folk,
not the rabble that whistles and sniffs.
We were charming and witty and chic
and too civil for squabbles and tiffs.
We directed our barbs with aplomb
while carefully keeping our heads,
for if we had aimed at those we most loathed
we'd have torn one another to shreds.


Let's Get Along

I'm glad that your hatred's divluged,
your most candid of feelings indulged.
Though hypocrisy's battering
truth can be shattering
just like an artery bulged.

I'm not saying it isn't your fault,
but, like treasures you store in a vault,
the delights from "back when"
could be ours once again
if we stopped treating blisters with salt.


That's Life

I've met many a woman, forsooth,
since the days of my innocent youth,
and I've always succeeded
as much as I needed
except when I've told them the truth.


Nameless, Blameless And Out To Launch

Don't think of yourself as a loser,
a failure, a promise unkept.
Consider that you are the springboard from which
a lot of good women have lept.


From LOVEPLAY, A Conversation in Rhyme ©Joe Fromstein 2004.
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