A Poem From:

It Was True At The Time

The poet as petitioner
the reading as pleading

Hear me as a lover hears.
Tender me that sweet attention
touching in those secret places
far too sensitive to mention.
Lend me more than just your ears;
hear me as a lover hears.
Focus every sense on me
in rapt intensity and be
attentive to my shameless plea
to hear with more than just your ears.
Listen to me with your heart;
let this sorry rush outpouring
fall upon a hush adoring.
I acknowledge, at the start,
my shortcomings and my fears
of critical, unloving ears.
Literate, discriminating
you may be. But even so,
for a kind, accommodating
moment, let detachment go
and hear me with a lover's ears.
I'm doing this for love, you know.