A Poem From:

Uncritical Mass in Consort


Who can I tell about you
You were the one I told everything to
and even before I could say it, you knew.
Now who can I tell about you?

Friends don't come easy to me.
I know lots of people, but those I feel free
to confide in and open my heart to are few.
So who can I tell about you?

You never did the usual thing.
You opened my eyes and you managed to bring
to every occasion a fresh point of view.
I never could tell about you.

Everything changes and passes away,
sometimes even love is no reason to stay.
We all have to do what we all have to do.
But who can I tell about you?

We shared our joy and we shared our pain
in a symbiosis I can't explain.
Just like Christopher Robin and Pooh,
we made a oneness out of two
and I don't know how. And I don't know who
I can possibly tell about you.