"Sundays at the Windmill"
continued with another get-together
on January 10, 2010

Featured performers for the afternoon were:

Peter Solmes - Balladeer
Rocco de Giacomo - Widely Published Poet

Glen Hornblast - Singer/Songwriter - folk/jazz

open mic guests included:


Below are some pictures and videos of the afternoon.
(click on thumbnails for larger images)

Peter does a sound check

Michael Cavanaugh arrives

Linda greets Glen Hornblast

Linda chats with John & Glen

Die hard fans

Gotaybah hard at work

Michael & Peter

Rocco de Giacomo

New to Sundays at the Windmill

Getting settled

A place at the bar

Young fan returns

Glen takes the stage

Peter, Linda & Michael

Ann Tudor

Ann reads her stuff

John Wylan entertains

Glen takes a break

Michael plays a number

Peter & Glen

Kathleen Zinck reads a poem


Rocco enjoys a coffee

Attentive audience

Rita sings an original tune

They like what they hear

Peter plays another

Rocco's turn to read

Peter plays us out


Below is a sampling of music with which we were entertained
the playlist is as follows:

  1. Peter Solmes - Never See That Island Again
  2. Peter Solmes & Glen Hornblast - Margaritaville
  3. Michael Cavanaugh - It's Too Late To Get There Early
  4. Linda Stitt - Baby It's Cold Inside
  5. Rita Visser - What To Do
  6. Rocco de Giacomo - My Little Anvil
  7. Glen Hornblast - I'm Going Home
  8. John Wylam - Queen Street
  1. Glen Hornblast - Florida
  2. Rita Visser - Dusty Road
  3. Rocco de Giacomo - Bear Country
  4. Glen Hornblast - I'll Be Here In The Morning
  5. Rita Visser - Waitress
  6. Rocco de Giacomo - Michaelangelo
  7. Linda Stitt - November Inertia
  8. Rita Visser - Hang Down Your Head