The launch of "fretters of i"

was so well received that
"Sundays at the Windmill"
was conceived as a once a month get together for performers to showcase their talents.


As well as featured performers Linda Stitt and Peter Solmes, there was also an open mic.

(the next Sunday scheduled is November 8, 2009)


Below are some pictures and videos of the afternoon.
(click on thumbnails for larger images)

Peter surveys the crowd

Peter & Linda

Peter get things rolling

Linda takes the mic

Jazz & Osama

Chattrisse is up next

Chattrisse takes to the stage

Peter Plays another tune

Linda reads from Bliss Pig

Chattrisse sings

Peter's at bat again

One more poem from Linda




Below is a sample of the music and poetry with which we were entertained
the playlist is as follows:

  1. Peter Solmes_ The Girl From Antigonish
  2. Chattrisse_Baby Love
  3. Jazz Testolini _Summertime
  4. Linda_Roses
  5. Chattrisse_Your Love
  1. Jazz Testolini _Fever
  2. Peter Solmes_Tribute Song to Ontario
  3. Linda_ Facilis Descensus Averno
  4. Peter Solmes_Pirates of the Lake
  5. Linda_Woman in Question