A Poem From:

Yesterday's Poetry

For Stephen

You lover of the sea,
you fiery element that burns in water,
come, give yourself to me
for a tide or two
and let me be
your ocean.

You have only known
the froth and foam
that I have shown
shore dwellers.
Now, enter me
and sink below my surface.
Come and live
in my secret liquid places.
I will give you
womb breath and moon broth,
nourish you
with juices that were old
when the continents were new.

You will be moved, in my embrace,
to unimagined intimacy.
I will trace
moist kisses all along your trembling skin
and penetrate your pores.
I shall come in
to you entirely.
You will forget your boundaries and be,
if you wish, inseparable from me.
I will show you unity, for I was one
with all myself
before the solid masses had begun
their lonely journeys into isolation,
and I know oneness still.

You shall see my wonders.
If you will,
Nereides and Neptune shall wait upon you.
Mermaids shall come
in chariots porpoise-drawn. You
shall hear their songs
that echo through my deeps
and course along my currents,
past coral palaces.
You shall flow
in me and with me.

And, when you must go,
I will not refuse you.
I will never lose you.
You may take your flame
back to the air
but I will still be with you,
even there.
Your body will remember.
It will recognize, within,
the part of you
that I have always been.